Massage Benefits

What does massage have to do with good chiropractic care? Patients report that deep-tissue massage therapy – a common part of chiropractic care –alleviates stress, illness, injury, and pain, as well as certain specific conditions such as back pain, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Massage Heals

Doctors say that moderate pressure to muscles and soft tissues stimulates biological healing through increased circulation. Massage can lessen nerve compression, ease repetitive movement injuries, and correct issues related to habitual posture. In addition to relief of headaches, back pain, anxiety, and osteoarthritis, massage can actually relieve some of the symptoms of cancer and help reduce depression. Many patients are beginning to awaken to the healing benefits of massage.

Common Types of Massage

Deep tissue massage involves pressure across the grain of the muscles and requires significant pressure to deep layers of muscle. Deep tissue massage is often used to break up scar tissue. Swedish massage is gentler; the aim of Swedish massage is to relax, release toxins and stimulate circulation.

Pre-Natal & Sports Massage

Sports massage focuses more on the muscles used in the patient’s particular sport. Massage treatments before or after workouts can improve circulation, power, and flexibility. Pre-natal massage can decrease swelling in arms and legs and increase circulation for a feeling of well-being.

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